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Helpful Foot Health Tips

4 July 2024
The best tips and tricks for preventing and treating corns and calluses

Corns are a small patch of thickened, dead skin that has a hard central core. These occur at pressure points on the tops or the sides of the toes where the foot comes in contact with a shoe and friction is caused. The discomfort caused by corns impacts everyday activities and can even make the […]

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5 June 2024
Protect your hands this winter

There’s no doubt that winter has arrived which means that, alongside trying to keep warm, it’s time to ensure that one’s skin is protected and moisturised so it doesn’t become chapped and cracked so here are some tips to protect your hands this winter. “The biggest culprit to cracked hands and fingers in winter is […]

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17 May 2024
Preparing for Comrades: The athlete's toolkit for tackling foot care woes

Preparing for Comrades: The athlete's toolkit for tackling foot care woes South Africa’s great climate and beautiful natural resources support a vibrant running community, with trail and road running races popular countrywide. As the Comrades Marathon approaches, many runners are preparing to compete in The Ultimate Human Race, and along with increasing endurance, foot care […]

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