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KROKO’s pharmaceutically formulated footcare products have been trusted by generations for foot hygiene, the treatment of corns and calluses, and cracked heels. Our product range also includes remedies for warts, cracked skin, minor cuts and scratches.


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Latest Articles

19 February 2024
Feet First: Your Back-To-School Foot Health Guide

The start of a new school year is a flurry of activity as learning and sports get underway. There are many demands on young learners mentally and physically, but parents and caregivers can help the little ones put their best foot forward by considering foot health. “School years are a crucial time for a child’s […]

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22 September 2023
Spring Clean Your Feet

Here at KROKO HQ we are huge fans of Leonardo. Not that Turtle, or for that matter (despite his aesthetics or abilities) the Di Caprio. For us it is rather the polymath “Leonardo” - he of the painting, sculpting, inventing, composing, engineering and drawing that we find inspiring. Particularly for his artistic and structural interest […]

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7 November 2019
Footcare Tips for the Elderly

It is always important to take care of our feet but as we get older this becomes even more vital as foot health starts to decline and may affect our general wellbeing and ability to stay fit and healthy. Years of wearing too tight or ill-fitting shoes (and even tight socks), old foot injuries, poor […]

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