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Sweaty Feet Treatment

Treatment for Sweaty Feet

Treatment for Sweaty Feet

Feet tend to sweat more than other parts of the body as they contain 250 000 sweat glands. Sweating is natural and feet can sweat in both hot and cold weather. Good daily hygiene will keep them from becoming smelly but even the cleanest feet can smell after a long day in shoes.

Excessive sweating of the feet is a medical condition called hyperhidrosis which needs specialist treatment but for most people, there are a few simple foot care tips to help avoid embarrassing sweating and the resultant foot odours:

  • Daily or twice daily wash feet with soap and water or even an antibacterial soap.
  • Always wear socks when wearing closed shoes or trainers.
  • Wear 100% cotton socks in summer and 100% wool socks in winter and avoid synthetic fibres which make feet perspire and can trap the moisture.
  • Keep a spare pair of clean socks on hand if your feet perspire excessively and change into a fresh pair when needed.
  • Use deodorized insoles which help absorb excess moisture and prevent foot odour.
  • Avoid wearing the same shoes every day. Allow shoes to dry out thoroughly before wearing them again.
  • If possible, try to wear real leather or breathable canvas shoes and not synthetic or plastic shoes which encourage feet to perspire.
  • Ensure your shoes fit properly and are not too tight as feet sweat more if they are tightly crammed into a shoe.
  • Stay hydrated especially while exercising and in hot weather as this helps to regulate your body temperature and reduce perspiration.

In some conditions it is not easy to prevent feet from sweating which is completely natural but here are some suggested treatments:

  • Washing feet is the simplest and cheapest way to treat sweaty feet. You may want to use an antibacterial soap.
  • It may be an old wives’ tale but some people recommend soaking feet in warm black tea allowing the tannins in the tea to reduce the size of the pores in the feet which may reduce sweating.
  • Apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to sweaty areas on the foot and between the toes to dry them out but beware that excessive use may cause dryness and skin irritations.
  • For an easy and cost-effective way to treat sweaty feet we recommend using Kroko Foot Powder at least once or twice a day after washing feet. This specially formulated powder contains zinc stearate and other active ingredients to assist in the absorption of moisture to keep feet dry and fresh.
Kroko Foot Powder

If you are concerned that your feet sweat unnaturally, please consult a podiatrist or medical doctor who may recommend more intensive treatment which could include a course of Botox injections or medication. Usually, people with excessively sweaty feet also suffer from sweaty hands, face, and armpits and will need to be treated holistically.

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