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How to Treat Minor Cuts, Scratches and Skin Fissures

How to Treat Minor Cuts
Kroko SkinFilm

For a hygienic, flexible, moisture and dust proof barrier to cover minor cuts and scratches without the bulkiness of an adhesive plaster:

Directions for use:

  1. Clean minor wounds and scratches thoroughly with a good liquid antiseptic and allow to dry. If using on cracked heels, wash and dry feet thoroughly.
  2. Apply a thin layer of SkinFilm to cover wound completely using the applicator.  SkinFilm dries quickly leaving an invisible, hygienic, flexible dressing allowing natural healing to take place.
  3. To renew dressing, apply more SkinFilm to the old dressing which will soften and can be gently wiped off using a clean dry swab or lint. 
  4. Renew dressing as needed until healing is complete.


Do not apply to large, open wounds which are infected or inflamed.  Do not use near eyes, nose or mouth.  Do not inhale.Note: This product may sting briefly when applied.

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