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Kroko SkinFilm


Provides a hygienic, flexible, moisture and dustproof barrier to cover minor cuts and scratches without the bulkiness of an adhesive plaster.
Kroko Skin Film works wonders for me and my family and friends.

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  • Covers hygienically to allow natural healing
  • Protects the wound with a moisture resistant covering without the bulkiness of a traditional plaster

Directions for Use

  • Clean wound thoroughly with a good liquid antiseptic and allow to dry.
  • Apply a thin layer of SkinFilm to cover wound completely using applicator cap. SkinFilm dries quickly leaving an invisible, hygienic, flexible dressing allowing natural healing to take place.
  • To renew dressing, apply more SkinFilm to the old dressing which will soften and can be gently wiped off using a clean dry swab or lint. Renew dressing as needed until healing is complete.
WARNING: For external use only.
Keep away from eyes, nose and mouth.
Keep out of reach and sight of children.
Keep tightly closed.
Store below 25 degrees Celsius.

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How to use Liquid Plaster to Cover Minor Cuts, Scratches and Skin Fissures

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What Our Customers Say

“I have three furry friends / cats, they have very sharp nails which they like to scratch me with. Thank goodness for SkinFilm. The wounds normally take a few days to get better, but with SkinFilm only a day, depends on injury, less than a day, with no infection at all."
- Celine de Beer, Pretoria
“Kroko Skin Film works wonders for me and my family and friends. I have always have it to hand. When I did a cruise from Durban to Mozambique, it came in quite handy when I stepped on a reef and cut my foot. Luckily I had SkinFilm to hand, right in my bag with scuba googles.

We do a lot of fishing as well and I always take SkinFilm with me - on a boat doing fishing or even at the bank next to the water with family and friends. There is always someone in my group that needs it.

I just love the product! So do my friends, but we cannot find it. Will be on the lookout for it in bigger stores. “
- Charmagne, Pretoria
“We love the Kroko products... I do all my homework alone and garden and try to work with gloves. But sometimes I just forget to put them on and just do what I have to do. And we also have a butchery... And this skinfilm works very nicely on a cut to seal it rather putting on a ugly plaster. It’s much easier than put on a glove when you have a plaster on”
- Charne, Groblersdal

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