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Kroko FingerFix


A colourless treatment to protect, cover and help heal cracked skin on fingers.
Her winter fingers are the best they have been in years

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  • Covers hygienically to allow natural healing
  • Protects the wound and prevents cracks re-opening
  • A colourless plaster without the bulkiness of a traditional plaster

Directions for Use

  • Clean the crack or fissure thoroughly with an effective antiseptic.
  • Allow to dry or dry with clean cotton wool or gauze. Ensure there is no bleeding.
  • Cover the crack or fissure with a small amount of FingerFix using the applicator.
  • Allow to dry or dry for a few seconds.
  • If necessary apply once or twice a day until crack is healed.
NOTE: Replace the film by applying a droplet to the existing film and remove wiping away with a clean, dry pad. Then apply a new film to the cracked skin.WARNINGS: For external use only.
Keep away from eyes, nose and mouth.
Keep out of reach and sight of children.
Keep tightly closed.
Store below 25 degrees Celsius.

® Registered trademark: Kroko.

What Our Customers Say

"My mom loves her “ama-kroko-salfies” as she calls it. Her winter fingers are the best they have been in years and she’s been recruiting her friends too because they couldn’t believe her results."
- Yolandi, Gauteng
Works very well for small cuts but also for awkward cuts. My husband had multiple ragged, medium type cuts on his fingers but in a few days (+-5 days) it healed nicely.
Amanda, Takealot
Great stuff ! For bug bites too! This was a life saver for me for a rub wound which kept getting worse. Then I tried it on a horsefly bite and amazingly it immediately stopped the itching. Usually when I get bitten by a horsefly it swells way up but now with this it doesn’t…it’s barely a problem anymore! So glad I discovered this product!
Sue, Takealot

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