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Kroko Foot Care was established in 1936 with our flagship product, Kroko Corn and Callus Remover, fondly known by some of our older pharmacy customers as “Krokodil Salf”. We, at Kroko, know how the removal of corns and calluses and the softening of dry skin and cracked heels is essential in order to keep feet healthy and attractive. Today the footcare product range includes medicated corn plasters and corn protectors, foot and shoe spray and heel balm.

We also have a number of well-formulated products which specifically treat warts, cracked skin and minor cuts and scratches.

Our products are proudly South African with a trusted heritage and we always endeavour to maintain a high standard of quality and excellence.
“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art”.
-Leonardo da Vinci
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7 Nov 2019
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It is always important to take care of our feet but as we get older this becomes even more vital as foot health starts to decline and may affect our general wellbeing and ability to stay fit and healthy. Years of wearing too tight or ill-fitting shoes (and even tight socks), old foot injuries, poor […]

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