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Shoe & Foot Odor Spray

KROKO foot and shoe odor spray is a hygienic, cooling and deodorising foot spray.
Kroko Foot Spray
  • Can be used on to keep and shoes fresh.
  • Foot and Shoe Spray.
  • Hygienic.
  • Cooling and fresh. Deodorising.
  • 200ml spray bottle.

Directions for Use

  • Spray liberally onto clean, dry feet and into shoes.
  • Can also be used to refresh the inside of sports kit bags, and sports shin pads.
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How to Treat Smelly Feet

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Customer Testimonial

“We use the foot spray for so much more than what it is intended for. I spray the dogs blankets with it and it takes the odour out. My nephew sprays his ankle guards for soccer with it and he loves that it they no longer smell! My brother didn't want to try the spray as he hates foot sprays because it always has a perfume smell but your product he loves now too. I’ve even sprayed clothes that was worn around a fire and it even helped to remove the smell. I borrowed a wheely bag from someone and it smelled terrible and I was worried my clothes would smell the same and I sprayed the spray and it took all smells out. It's a true wonder product. “
- Janine, Somerset West

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