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Protect your hands this winter

5 June 2024

Caring for your hands
Caring for your hands

There’s no doubt that winter has arrived which means that, alongside trying to keep warm, it’s time to ensure that one’s skin is protected and moisturised so it doesn’t become chapped and cracked so here are some tips to protect your hands this winter.

“The biggest culprit to cracked hands and fingers in winter is the lack of moisture in the air,” commented Lynsey Hammond, MD of Kroko, manufacturers of quality foot care and hygiene products. “The humidity in the air drops during winter. As it gets colder, indoor heating is increased which dries out the air, and we wash and sanitise hands more frequently to prevent spreading the flu virus. There are simple ways to prevent your skin from dehydrating which can cause it to flake or even crack. If it does get to this, there’s a great Kroko product that can address this simply and effectively.”

Protect your hands this winter with these 5 simple tricks:

Moisturise hands frequently

With the moisture in the air diminishing, it’s important to lock in the moisture in your hands whenever you can. We also tend to wash ourhands more in winter to prevent colds and flu. So after you wash your hands apply a rich moisturiser to seal in the natural oils. At night, you could even wear cotton gloves after applying the moisturiser to enhance the absorption.

Avoid hot water

Protect your hands and prevent them from drying out avoiding excessively hot water. It’s tempting to increase the temperature of your bath, shower, or even tap water when washing hands to warm up in winter. The problem is that very hot water will strip your skin of its natural oils, leading to dehydration and fissures. Rather drop the temperature a bit or shorten your showers to prevent this loss of moisture.

Stay hydrated

In summer, you naturally tend to drink more water as you lose fluids by sweating. In winter, we often forget to drink water as we aren't as thirsty but our skin needs just as much liquid to remain healthy in these cooler months, particularly in dry parts of the country. Remember to stay hydrated by keeping a bottle of water with you at all times, and try to limit alcohol and caffeine which could impact your water content. If you have a humidifier, consider using it to counteract the nighttime dryness.

Minimise the heating

There’s nothing better than a roaring fire on cold winter days and nights, but too much of this can dry out the skin. Artificial heaters are also great for keeping warm, but your hands will feel the effect of too much use. Where possible, try to use warm clothing and blankets rather than artificial heating and fires to increase the temperature – this will benefit your skin and your energy bill!

Use Kroko’s FingerFix

Despite your best intentions, your fingers could crack this winter which means administering a fast-acting healing solution like Kroko’s FingerFix. This is a colourless treatment to protect, cover, and help heal cracked skin on fingers. Kroko’s FingerFix protects the cracks and wounds, preventing the cracks from reopening while hygienically allowing for natural healing. There is no need for bulky plasters Kroko FingerFix is unobtrusive and ensures your hands are happy and healthy this winter.

Beyond healing cracked fingers during the winter months, FingerFix is a great solution for people who suffer from dry hands generally, and those in the habit of picking at the skin on fingers and hands. FingerFix has also proved to be the perfect healing solution for those who use their hands predominantly in their line of work, as well as those who have to wear close-fitting surgical gloves. Chefs, butchers, doctors, carpenters, anglers, artists, office workers… FingerFix is the first choice for many professionals! 

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