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Spring Clean Your Feet

22 September 2023

Spring Clean Your Feet

Here at KROKO HQ we are huge fans of Leonardo.

Not that Turtle, or for that matter (despite his aesthetics or abilities) the Di Caprio. For us it is rather the polymath “Leonardo Di Vinci” - he of the painting, sculpting, inventing, composing, engineering and drawing fame! We find him inspiring; particularly for his artistic and structural interest and obsession with feet.  Did you know the foot contains 100 intricate muscles, 30 joints and 26 bones? Perhaps this is why Leonardo was so fascinated by its anatomy and mechanics. For us at KROKO, his quote about the beauty and intricacies of the foot is one of our favourites:

“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of Art” – Leonardo Di Vinci.

Kroko has been rooted in foot care since 1936, when our Corn and Callus ointment was first launched in South Africa. So we have a keen interest in foot hygiene, footcare and a keen appreciation of what Leonardo said about the foot.

As spring arrives in the Southern Hemisphere with the promise of long hot summer days, it is a good time to give some thought on how to “Spring Clean” our feet in time for summer.

Here are 6 of our Top Tips for perfect spring and summer footcare to keep your feet in peak condition:

Tip 1: Let them out…

Where you can – get your feet out of your shoes and Go Barefoot!  Wearing shoes or heavy work boots daily takes a toll on our feet. So, when work is done, get your footwear off. Clean and freshen up your feet with a quick soak in warm soapy water and air them. If you have been on your feet all day – elevate them as this helps circulation, reduces swelling and pressure, and helps relieve any muscle tension in your legs and feet.  If you can go outside barefoot and “ground” your feet daily this been proved to have added health benefits for body, mind, and spirit.

Tip 2: Wriggle, Point and Flex…

Actively work on your foot mobility as this helps with balance which is important as we age. Stretch your feet out regularly, wriggle your toes, point, and flex them.  If they are tired and sore perform a little “soft tissue massage” on them by putting a ball (tennis ball or rubber massage ball) under your feet and roll it around to massage the soles and arches of your feet.  Stretch your toes out over the ball to increase their flexibility and mobility. Combined with massage and elevation this will also increase circulation as well.

Tip 3: Love your feet…

There is an Eastern proverb that says: “You die from the feet up.” When we think about this saying it sharpens our focus on just how important caring for our feet is, and how important they are to our future health and mobility.

We often take our feet for granted until we have a problem which causes us pain or inhibits our movement and balance.  Blisters, an ingrown toenail, uncomfortable calluses, painful corns, or verrucae can be the root of pain and discomfort. So, learn to love your feet and build a regular “Love your Feet” pamper and self-care habit.  

Love Your Feet Checklist: 

  1. Examine the state of your nails and feet regularly.
  2. Check between your toes for signs of fungal infections.
  3. Check for verrucae, calluses and corns on the pads and edges of your feet.
  4. Check your heels for dry areas or cracks. 

Pamper Your Feet Ritual:

  1. Wash your feet in warm soapy water and dry them well especially between the toes.
  2. Carefully buff any very dry patches with pumice stone, a foot file or pedi-egg. 
  3. Always take care not to remove to many layers of skin if you’re removing any excess dry skin. Rehydrate your feet with a light layer of KROKO Heel Balm to keep your feet soft and supple.
  4. If you find you have any skin complaints on your feet:
    • for Corns and Calluses – trust KROKO Corn and Callus remover to ease your problem fast or try our new CornFix product.
    • for Cracked Heels – use KROKO Heel Balm especially at night. Massage into cracked and dry areas and cover with socks while sleeping for maximum hydration.
    • for Verrucae – use KROKO WartFix.
    • to keep your feet and shoes fresh and odour free use KROKO Foot Spray and Powder. 

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Tip 4 If the shoe fits…

Corns can be caused by poorly fitting shoes, so always wear shoes that do not rub, cramp or pinch your feet. Buy the shoes that feel and fit the best.  Think about the support for your foot and ankle – not too tight or loose. Buy shoes with a little room in the toe box of the shoe so that your toes and your arch are not compressed.  

Tip 5 Trust me on the sunscreen…

Who wants sunburnt feet and ankles? From experience this can be extremely painful and uncomfortable so remember to rub sunscreen into your ankles and feet if going out into the sun barefoot or in sandals.

Tip 6 The Doctor will see you now…

Deal with any unresolved or unexplained foot pain or mobility issues by taking them to your foot care professional or doctor.

In summary, your feet were designed to keep you upright, balanced and mobile so it makes good sense to take care of them as best you can. A footcare regime will have benefits for the whole body and nervous system. Caring for your feet will add to your quality of life in every aspect of it whether at work, play or rest. When you spend some quality time with your feet, we are sure that you too will come to see your feet as Leonardo would – as “masterpieces of engineering and a work of Art.”

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