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A corn is a raised nodule on the top or sides of the toes usually on the toe joints, with a hard nucleus or core which bores into the tissue pressing on the tissue and nerves. This can cause pain and discomfort if left untreated. Corns are mainly found on the top of toe-joints or on the side of feet and are raised, shiny domes of hard thickened skin with a hard nucleus or centre. Corns like calluses, are caused by pressure and friction on the skin. Corns can cause pain and get inflamed when they press on a nerve in the foot or against a hard shoe, so it is important for your foot health and comfort to remove a corn as soon as it appears.

Corns can usually be avoided by wearing shoes that fit correctly, are neither too loose or too tight, are not pointed and do not rub and cause friction. A useful tip when buying shoes is to consider trying on a pair at the end of the day when your feet could be warm and slightly swollen after being stood on all day. It is also good to remember to wear socks that are the right size and not too small or too large which will also cause the toes to bunch up around the heel or toes which then creates extra pressure on the foot in the shoe. Foot corn removal must be done carefully and may take a little time as the skin needs to be softened.

A callus is an area of thick, hard raised skin on sides of the large toes or underneath the food caused by repeated friction or pressure from shoes or socks which are too tight. If the callus causes discomfort or is unsightly then a “callus remover” product like Kroko Corn and Callus remover can help to treat the problem, and Kroko foot powder can also help to make feet more comfortable. This will act to soften the skin so that the callus can be carefully removed with a pumice stone, foot file or Pedi Egg.

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