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Warts can be successfully treated at home or by a doctor. 

PLEASE NOTE: Diabetics who have issues with their feet or people who suffer from nerve damage in the feet, neuropathy, must consult a doctor to for treatment rather than use a home remedy. It is also recommended to consult a doctor if you have a plantar wart under the foot which may need to be cut or cauterized with liquid nitrogen. This is called cryotherapy. 

There are a number of old wives’ tales type remedies for removing a war at home; these are cheap and cost-effective but we can’t vouch for their effectiveness. These include using:

- Clear nail polish
- Hydrogen Peroxide
- Tea Tree Oil
- Sliced garlic and oil
- Duct tape
- Rubbing with raw potato

A doctor can also cut off a wart or use a special instrument to scrape it but this may leave scarring.
For a tried and trusted solution to removing a wart we recommend Kroko Wart Fix.

This is a flexible liquid application for warts which forms a waterproof covering over the wart. To use if follow these instructions:

- Soak foot in hot water for 5 minutes and towel dry.
- Rub corn with a pumice stone or emery board.
- Mask off the skin around the wart with Vaseline or cut a hole in a plaster and stick if over the wart with the wart sticking through. This is to protect the healthy skin from the acid in Wart Fix.
- Apply Kroko Wart Fix to the wart using the applicator (avoiding the surrounding skin).
- Allow to dry and cover with a plaster if necessary.
- It is important to reapply twice a day until the wart has cleared. This can take up to 2 weeks.

NOTE: Kroko WartFix is not to be used on the face. It is for external use only and is not to be used on genital warts.

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