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The reason for removing a corn or callus would be to try and treat the root causes of the pressure on the foot and try to relieve any resulting pain or discomfort. Where a callus has become raised, inflamed and thickened and turned into a corn over time due to fiction and pressure against a shoe or another toe, it is advisable to treat it especially if it is causing pain or discomfort. Unfortunately, these symptoms will not go away if left untreated and with time may get worse.

Foot pain is something that can have a large impact on the quality and enjoyment of our life especially when we are up on our feet at work for many hours, or during our leisure time. By engaging with a corn treatment plan quality of life can be improved for the sufferer. Foot corn removal is a relatively easy process however, the treatment may take up to 2 weeks of daily attention. Do not try to cut off corns or calluses yourself. Please follow the process below in the question on “How to remove a corn”. It is also advisable to try and establish the root cause of the corn and then take steps to address this problem carefully. The formation of the corn would have been caused by pressure or friction over the affected tissue due to ill fitting socks or shoes.

Softening your feet each day with Kroko Heel Balm and using Corn protector plasters can not only help to prevent cracked heels but will help relieve pressure and discomfort as well. If possible, always ensure that your shoes fit correctly and try and rotate them so that you are not wearing the same pair each day. This is important so the same shoes do not rub against skin you have just treated; you don’t want this softer skin being exposed to the same pressure or friction that caused the original corn or callus.

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