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Common warts are small fleshy growths on the skin usually light grey, pink or brown in colour. Common warts occur when the skin becomes infected with a contagious virus called HPV. This virus can be picked up by direct contact with a person who has a wart or by coming into contact with the same surface that a person with a wart has touched. Warts are fairly commonplace so a popular question which naturally arises is how to remove a wart.

Warts are most frequently found in children but can appear at any age and can be found on any part of the body. They are usually found on knees, elbows, fingers and hands. 

Plantar warts are flattened growths which occur under the foot usually on the sole of the foot. These can be painful and may need to be removed by a doctor as they can penetrate deep into the foot.

Most warts are a minor inconvenience and not a serious, life-threatening condition but they may cause some discomfort or embarrassment as they can be unsightly so most people do look for remedies to remove them rather than waiting for them to fall off which may take a year or two. Warts can also come back.

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